Alyssa's Tale

This is my Brother Max. He's Upside Down.

This is me. I'm remaining perfectly a preying mantis.

If you couldn't tell, Max likes to ham it up for the camera.

He also likes to run around in gym class. This was his last gym class because he's getting too old. He would have been sad, but no one told him. I know it was because I just sit and watch and listen....

Goodbye Mr. Lamb.

Max also likes the sandbox, which I can't figure out because I'm sure birds and cats go poop in there.

Here he is on the swing. He's been only using one hand lately to hold on. I'm trying to tell Mommy and Daddy that it will come to no good, but it comes out "Gaaah.....Gaaaaaahhhh....Ggggaaahh" and all that gets me is them making faces at me and "Gah"ing back.

See? I'm really good at staying absolutely still. Go ahead, you know you want to scroll back up to check the last picture to see if I have moved. Don't worry, I'll still be here when you get back.

Max eating pudding. Vanilla pudding.

I wanted to try some and was eying it longingly.

But they just put me into the corner of the couch.

This is me threatening to leap off the couch and wreak havoc using my praying mantis style martial arts.

Unfortunately, Mommy thought it was just me being cute and ran to get the camera. This is me still sitting in the corner. I may be still there....watching....listening....waiting....ready to spring into action at any moment. Are you scared? Please say yes.