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Chocolatey Goodness

Snowy Portraits

Steeper and Steeper

Faster than Ever

Back to the Snow

Mad Dash

Will He or Won't He

The Gingerbread Thief Returns

Jack No More

A Landmark Day

Peek a Boo

Time to Dance

Bringing Home a Shark

Catch Me If You Can

Garden House Thanksgiving

Tramp on the Christmas Outtakes

Candy Candy Candy

Just Tramp

A Full Hand of Zachary

Jumping to the Garden

Spooky Stories

Halloween Eve?

Long Time No Jump

Rainbow Party

Officially Double Digits

Double Digit Party

One Minute Excitements

Picking Orange

The Spooky Hammock

Death From Below

Why Are We Dry?

Close to the Breaking Point

Princess Deluge

Don't Send them Back

Like Meeting for the First Time

Twisting in the Wind

Picking Red

Here Comes the Swan

Return to the Bus


Roundoff to the Nearest

Early Birthday Wakeup

Getting Air


Zach Makes His Move

Earlybird Gets the Hole

Jumping Clear Before the Storm


At Her Mercy

Waving Hello Again

Bar to Bar Jumping

Best Song and Best Smiles

Singing Giraffes

The Writing on the Wall

Flying High

A Campy Costume Day


Upside Down


Bus, Bus, Away

Zach Camps Out

Jumping to Rainbow City

(Back)Stroking to Victory

The Hat Trifecta

Getting Wet - Fun For Most

A Little Extra Sesame

Chelsea Tramp

Little No More

Showing Off

Back Flops and Tucks

Spring Garden Songs

Banished to Mariah and the Restaurant

Victory Garden

A Fair Spring Day

Like Money, Only Better

Six Ways to Touch Your Toes

Flower Day at the Garden

Mother's Day Smosh Pile

Cartwheels Galore

A Grand Day at Dalton

Flips, Corkscrews and Handstands

Eggy Pile of Eggs for Easter

Show me the Autos

Dave and Busters and Alyssa

One Last Birthday Trick

Book Party

Just a Few More Tricks Left

Heating Up on Day 2

Meeting For a Swim

Frantically Winding Down

Where's Tom?

The Stitch Many Times

Parading with Pooh

Where is Everyone?

Have a Yen for Henna

Soaked by Splash

Backwards with the Yeti

Here We Gooooo!

Viking Meal

Showing Off

Call me Aerial Alyssa

Quiet in the Library

Out of Lines

Tasty Tasty Donuts

Back on the Trampoline

Skiing Together

Through the Snowstorm

Crystal Clear Skiing

Making Faces

I'm Everyone's Valentine

The Substitute

Maxing Out the Summit

Back on the Slopes


'Relax' means 'Get Off'

Don't Be Confused

Holding Up the Mountain

Crazy Airtime

Perfect Backdrop for Backdrops

It's All Downhill from Here